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NERUDA – tool for simulation of waste flows

at regional and/or international level




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What is NERUDA?

NERUDA is a unique computational tool based on a simple principle implemented in a complex problem:

  • It optimizes waste treatment strategy in a specific region from a waste producer's point of view (regarding economics and environment).
  • The region is divided into numerous nodes in order to be able to simulate unified waste market and interactions reated to competitive environment
  • It integrates waste-to-energy facilities within energy concept of cities
  • It analyses various waste treatment technologies (waste-to-energy plants (WTE), mechanical-biological treatment plants (MBT) with subsequent RDF fuel utilisation).


Examples of outcomes


The cost of waste treatment


Analysis of road utilization


Expected progress in MSW treatment in CZE


Expected collection areas


Two pilot projects, the impact of legislative changes (landfilling fee)

Visualization of expected waste transport




NERUDA – one tool – many ways of results presentation according to a customer‘s demand

The following subjects may benefit from its application:

  • Strategy makers at country and/or regional level (government)
  • Potential investors interested in new waste-to-energy plants
  • Operators of existing plants


NERUDA – typical applications


  • Concepts at regional and country level


In 2013, NERUDA was applied to analyze the future demand for new WtE facilities in the Czech Republic. A ban on landfilling was considered. The potential of heat delivery within existing district heating systems was taken into account.



  • Feasibility of investment sin waste-to-energy


Assesment of economic sustainability of projects in a specific locality. Risks such as change in production and quality of residual waste, which cannot be recycled, energy prices, legislation development and strategies of competitors were evaluated. 


  • Waste transport optimization


Optimization of collection of waste commodities, finding a location for transfer stations and their capacities. Proposal of suitable technology for waste transport from a producer to a processor (road – railway – intermodal system). Daily transport planning. 


  • Unified waste market modelling


Application of NERUDA tool for a region including more than one country. Impact modelling of different development of key parameters in individual EU countries (production, capacities, environmental taxes) for effective utilization and planning of Waste-to-Energy capacities.

NERUDA tool is currently used for waste flow simulation only within the Czech Republic. In a simplified way it also takes into account waste markets in Saxony and Bavaria (Gemany) and in Austria.  We believe that the inclusion of other countries in the calculations will significantly improve the simulations and help to estimate more suitable (both environmentally and economically) waste treatment all over Europe.



Are You Ready to Participate?


Currently needed data



If you have some data concerning the above mentioned points or other data, which could be useful for us, please follow the next steps:

  • For general data relating to the whole of Europe ->click "ADD DATA" on this page -> drag and drop the files you want to upload
  • For the data relating to a country -> click on the this country on this page -> click "ADD DATA" in the upper right corner of the page -> drag and drop the files you want to upload
  • Once we receive your data, we will process it and you will be able to see it on the page of that country. 

General Data:


Waste Management


Waste Transport


List of countries



Estonia Lithuania Romania


Finland Luxembourg Serbia


France Macedonia Slovakia


Germany Moldova Slovenia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Greece Montenegro Spain


Hungary Netherlands Sweden


Ireland Norway Switzerland

Czech Republic

Italy Poland Ukraine


Latvia Portugal United Kingdom


Contact information:

Ing. Martin Pavlas, Ph.D.

     Project manager

     Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Processes and Environment

     E-mail: pavlas@fme.vutbr.cz

     Work phone: +420 54114 2367,4917


Ing. Ondřej Putna

     Administration of the PB Works interface

     Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Processes and Environment - technical administration officer

     E-mail: putna@upei.fme.vutbr.cz

     Work phone: +420 54114 4908




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